Blue Ocean Studio™

A space to create, communicate and collaborate on blue ocean ideas

Step-by-step guidance
Follow the 5 steps to making a blue ocean shift successfully
Unlimited projects
Create as many projects as you would like
Unlimited collaborators
Invite your whole team to work on your project

Full Suite of Blue Ocean Tools & Frameworks

Use them individually or in a systematic process

  • Pioneer-Migrator-Settler Map
  • As-Is Strategy Canvas
  • Buyer Utility Map
  • Three Tiers of Noncustomers
  • Six Paths Framework
  • Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create Grid
  • To-Be Strategy Canvas
  • Blue Ocean Fair
  • Decision & Action

Collaborate & Communicate

Blue Ocean Studio™ makes it possible to work with your whole team, anytime and anywhere, to achieve fair process and collective buy-in to make a successful blue ocean shift

Create a project

Invite your collaborators

Work online in real-time

Discuss and take down notes

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