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Challenge and rethink all the factors an industry competes on and invests in and learn to push for a quantum leap in value using blue ocean shift. Create your own successful blue ocean shifts using the intuitive and fully guided Blue Ocean 101™ + Blue Ocean Studio™!


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Blue Ocean Studio™ + 101
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Distinguish between creativity and blue ocean creativity. See things differently and learn how to generate new ideas that stand apart.
Use blue ocean creativity to shift your perspective.
Focus on the big picture and visualize your strategy reality through the use of the As-Is Strategy Canvas.
Unlock value and create new demand by identifying pain points and unblocking utility in business.
Unlock new demand across the three tiers of noncustomers.
Explore potential blue oceans by re-examining the familiar from a new perspective through the six paths framework.
Explore potential blue oceans by re-examining the familiar from a new perspective through the six paths framework.
Create value for buyers at low cost through the Four Actions Framework.
Learn to formulate and communicate and your strategy effectively using the To-Be Strategy Canvas.
Review the blue ocean key concepts from the Blue Ocean 101™ course.
Apply the key blue ocean concepts in different real-life problems.

Blue Ocean Studio™ offers you a transformational way to learn and apply the blue ocean concepts and collaborate with your team to win collective buy-in. It is a creative workspace designed to help you to create your own blue oceans following a systematic process and by using a suite of tools and frameworks through guided steps.

You will also have access to the self-directed 11- module Blue Ocean 101™ course that will guide you through the blue ocean concepts, methodologies, tools and frameworks.

This course has been designed to actively engage you using videos, case illustrations, assessments and an interactive project.

Begin your blue ocean journey by using the Blue Ocean Studio™ to create your own blue ocean shifts and make your competition irrelevant.

Become a professional equipped with ‘creativity competence’ with a heightened level of creative thinking for seizing new opportunities!

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