Blue Ocean Navigator™

5 Episode Audio-Visual Guide

Learn about the full features and functions of the Blue Ocean Studio™. Blue Ocean Navigator™ is aimed at helping you to navigate through the creative workspace so that you can use the tools and frameworks simply and more importantly, effectively.

The Blue Ocean Studio™ has been designed to be an intuitive learning and application environment that not only enables instant communication but also automatically captures all detailed information, as well as important project information in one place, for you and your team to easily co-create and communicate anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Session 1 · 35 mins

Preparing and selecting your blue ocean journey

This episode will introduce the Blue Ocean Studio™ and the Pioneer-Migrator-Settler Map. Learn how to use the Studio to plot your current business portfolio effectively and prepare for your blue ocean journey ahead.

Session 2 · 35 mins

Mapping out your current position

Learn how to use the Blue Ocean Studio™ to draw your As-Is Strategy Canvas and visualize your current strategic reality. You will also be taken through the Buyer Utility Map tool to identify pain points that can unlock the greatest utility for your buyers as well as the Three Tiers of Noncustomers tool to identify untapped demand.

Session 3 · 35 mins

Sailing through the blue ocean journey

Learn how to use the Blue Ocean Studio™ to walk through the Six Paths Framework to reconstruct market boundaries.

Session 4 · 35 mins

Choosing your blue ocean destination

Learn how to use the Blue Ocean Studio™ to draw your Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create grid to develop your alternative blue ocean move. You will also be taken through the To-Be Strategy Canvas to plot and communicate your future blue ocean move.

Session 5 · 35 mins

Announcing your blue ocean arrival

Learn how to use the Blue Ocean Studio™ to conduct multiple Blue Ocean Fairs for your entire team as well as a Decision & Action session.

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