Blue Ocean Masterclass™

Half-Day Seminar

Inspire confidence in your teams and business partners to shift their perspectives and seize new growth with this half-day seminar.

Blue Ocean Masterclass™ removes the mental hurdles that your employees and business partners may face and paves the way for executing a successful blue ocean shift.


Blue Ocean Masterclass™ is a half-day seminar designed to be an introduction to the concepts of Blue Ocean Shift, targeted at your teams and business partners.

You and your teams will be challenged to think differently about your strategic options, through a series of thought provoking and perspective shifting case examples. You will be able to customize these case examples, from both the public and private sectors, to suit your business.

You will be introduced to the methodology of blue ocean creativity and the ways in which you can shift your perspective.

Blue Ocean Masterclass™ is conducted by one of our global blue ocean practicing consultants.

Our global blue ocean practicing consultant will be able to work with you to design a seminar that is tailored to suit your desired outcomes for your teams and business partners.

Each seminar must have a minimum of 500 attendants. However, if you have less than 500 attendants, contact us for a suitable package.

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USD 150.00 per person

  • Half-day seminar

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