Blue Ocean Leadership™ (Personal & Team)

Personal and Team Coaching

Transform your personal and your team’s leadership effectiveness to dramatically improve business outcomes. Blue Ocean Leadership Coaching™ is your personal leadership development coaching program that looks across to the field of strategy to focus on what acts and activities leaders need to undertake.


Program Structure
  • Introduction to blue ocean leadership
  • Blue ocean leadership versus alternative perspectives on leadership development
  • The four pillars of blue ocean leadership
  • Mindmap of a blue ocean leader
  • Begin your blue ocean leadership journey by visualising your current leadership reality and plotting your As-Is Leadership Canvas
  • Develop alternative leadership profiles by applying the Blue Ocean Leadership Grid
  • Analyse and assess alternative To-Be Leadership Canvases to select your blue ocean leadership profile
  • Institutionalize blue ocean leadership practices to achieve a leap in leadership strength and performance

Most conventional practices in the current field of leadership development programs are largely based on psychology and cognitive science and focus on who you need to become as successful leaders.

Blue ocean leadership, however, moves away from this to look across to the field of strategy and approaches the practice of leadership by focusing on what acts and activities leaders need to undertake in order to boost their teams’ motivation and connect them directly to the market realities so as to dramatically improve business results.  This leadership development program is an individual-based and team-based blue ocean leadership coaching program, conducted by a personal coach chosen from among the leading blue ocean leadership coaches globally, that will guide you through formulation and executing your blue ocean leadership profile.

Blue Ocean Leadership Coaching™ is a complimentary approach to leadership development to the conventional leadership development industry, and not as a replacement to any of the existing leadership development programs and practices. Blue Ocean Leadership Coaching™ addresses an untapped demand in the current market universe for high-impact business results, fast and at low-cost by looking across three disciplines; organization leadership development, organization change management and business performance management.

This program includes a complimentary 3-month subscription to Blue Ocean Studio™ which will help you to learn the blue ocean concepts and methodologies anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. You will be required to use the Blue Ocean Studio™ as a digital workspace during your six coaching sessions.
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Blue Ocean Leadership Coaching

USD 1499.00

  • Six coaching sessions (30 minutes each)
  • 3-months subscription to Blue Ocean Studio™
  • Certificate of Achievement

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