Blue Ocean Leadership™ (Organization)

Organization Transformation

Transform your organization’s collective leadership effectiveness and re-position your organization to seize new growth opportunities that make your current competition irrelevant!

This bespoke program will ready your organization and build confidence to transform your organization collective leadership and business outcomes.



Blue Ocean Leadership Consulting™ focuses on re-prioritizing and re-aligning your organization's acts and activities across the three management levels: top, middle and frontline practices.

Most conventional practices in the current field of leadership development programs are largely based on psychology and cognitive science and focus on who you need to become as successful leaders.

Blue ocean leadership, however, moves away from this to look across to the field of strategy, and approaches the practice of leadership by focusing on what acts and activities leaders need to undertake in order to boost their teams’ motivation and connect them directly to the market realities, so as to dramatically improve business results.

Blue Ocean Leadership Consulting™ can be executed in two ways:

  • A stand-alone and fully customizable leadership transformational program,
  • As an integral part of an existing leadership development program, organization change management program and/or business performance management program.

Our senior blue ocean experts, who are world-class blue ocean practitioners themselves, and typically have more than 15 years of industry experience in executing Blue Ocean Leadership and Blue Ocean Shifts across geographies and industries, will be facilitating this process and building your team’s confidence and ownership for effective transformation.

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