Blue Ocean Explorer™ (Public)

3-Day Public Workshop

Experience the power of the blue ocean shift concepts, and its proven methodologies, tools and frameworks.

If you are planning to launch a new project, designed to create a new market space and make your competition irrelevant, Blue Ocean Explorer™ can help you to create an executable blue ocean move.


Program Structure
  • Self-Paced Online Learning: “Blue Ocean 101™”
  • Pre-Workshop Assignment I (Self-Refresher on the Existing Strategic Business Plan)
  • Pre-Workshop Assignment II (Self-Reflection on Existing Key Challenges)
  • Shifting to Blue Ocean Perspective
  • Tuning Up your Blue Ocean Tools and Frameworks
  • Step 1: Get Started
  • Choose the right place to start your blue ocean initiative
  • Constructing the right team
  • Step 2: Understand Where You Are
  • Collectively build one simple picture that captures your current state of play
  • See and easily agree on the need to change
  • Step 3: Imagine Where You Could Be
  • Discover the pain points of buyers imposed by the industry
  • Identify the total demand landscape you can unlock
  • Step 4: Find How You Get There
  • Apply systematic paths to reconstruct market boundaries
  • Develop alternative strategic options that achieve differentiation and low cost
  • Step 5: Make Your Move
  • Select your move at the blue ocean fair, conduct rapid market tests and refine the move
  • Finalize the move by formalizing your big-picture business model that delivers a win for both buyers and you
  • Launch and roll out your move
  • Charting your Project Roadmap & Selecting Your Team Members
  • Closing Conclusion
  • Implementing Your Blue Ocean Move
  • Remote Assistance (Optional)
  • Launching Your Blue Ocean Move
  • 1-Day Project Implementation Clinic (Optional)

This 3-day workshop will take you through the systematic process of creating your own blue ocean move through a step-by-step and collaborative process.

Blue Ocean Explorer™ combines a series of high tempo on-site workshop activities and carefully coordinated field explorations using the blue ocean methodologies, tools and frameworks.

The workshop will be facilitated by one of our blue ocean experts, who are successful global blue ocean practitioners, with an average of 15 years of industry experience.

Blue Ocean Explorer includes a 3-month subscription to Blue Ocean Studio™ + 101.

Blue Ocean Explorer™ is conducted on-site at various locations and has a maximum of 25 participants. Please keep an eye out in the information to the right for details of our next sessions!
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Blue Ocean Explorer™
Malaysia - August 2018
USD 2,850.00
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  • 3-day workshop
  • 3-month subscription to Blue Ocean Studio™ + 101

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