Blue Ocean Deep Dive™

Series of 5 Webinar Sessions

Overcome some of the challenges when executing a blue ocean shift and inspire new confidence to seize new growth with this interactive webinar series.

Blue Ocean Deep Dive™ is designed to be a simple and convenient way  to deepen your understanding of the blue ocean logic, concepts and key principles and gain invaluable insights to executing a successful blue ocean shift.

Program Structure
  • What is the difference between new markets and new market space?
  • Why focus on creating new market space rather than competing in existing markets?
  • Why does focusing on creative destruction and disruptive innovation limits you opportunities for growth?
  • Which three ways can you pursue a market-creating strategy?
  • Why blue ocean shift should matter to you?
  • Isn't value-cost trade-off just an economic concept? How does that work in real life?
  • Why should you focus on value innovation and not technology innovation to create new market space?
  • What makes for a successful blue ocean shift?
  • What are the biggest challenges that companies face while making a blue ocean shift?
  • How adopting a blue ocean perspective expands your horizons and shifts your understanding of where opportunity resides? How can you begin to see new opportunities where others see only red oceans of declining profits and growth?
  • How to develop your creative competence to make a successful blue ocean shift? How can anyone, regardless of entrepreneurial talent, develop creative competence and pursue market creation?
  • What is humanness and how can you build it so that your team owns and drives the blue ocean shift process with confidence?
  • How do you apply blue ocean shift theory, tools and process to shift from red to blue oceans?
  • If everyone in your industry tried to create a blue ocean using the same methodology, wouldn’t that create a red ocean instantly?
  • How to construct the best team for your blue ocean journey? How many people should be part of the team? What mix of skills should ideally be brought together, and what levels of functional and hierarchical authority should be represented?
  • How do you set the scope of your blue ocean journey, so that the zone of your transformation is not too ambitious yet it is feasible in the light of organizational constraints that you may confront?
  • How do you target your blue ocean initiative to focus on the area where you have the most to gain?
  • Can the same team of people manage both red ocean strategy and blue ocean strategy?
  • How to inspire a natural wake-up call in your team and the wider organization about the current state of play in your industry?
  • How to collectively build a clear picture of the current competitive landscape?
  • How to choose the right factors to plot on the strategy canvas? Can you quantify the key factors on a strategy canvas?
  • How to discover the specific pain points and points of intimidation that your industry imposes on buyers?
  • How to identify unexplored spaces where value is trapped and waiting to be unlocked?
  • Who are the noncustomers of your industry? How do you reach them?
  • Which tier of noncustomers should you start with or target your efforts towards? Should you forget about your existing customers?
  • Why must you put random brainstorming aside and apply systematic paths to reconstruct market boundaries and create and re-create markets?
  • How to extract the insights needed to redefine, reimagine, and shift market boundaries: whom you should interview and observe in the field to gain insight; how to record and synthesize your findings; and how to identify and avoid the common traps that lie along the path to reconstructing market boundaries?
  • How to translate firsthand insights into practical ways to make your blue ocean shift?
  • How to take politics out of the decision-making process, obtain validation and feedback on the strategic options, and consolidate people’s commitment to your blue ocean strategic move?
  • How to formalize a big-picture business model for your blue ocean move that can deliver a leap in value for buyers and strong profitable growth for you?

Find out everything you have ever wanted to know about the application and practice of Blue Ocean Shift from our senior blue ocean experts.  Learn from the first-hand experience of other blue ocean practitioners how to overcome challenges executing Blue Ocean Shift, inspire new confidence and seize new growth.

Our senior blue ocean experts are world-class blue ocean practitioners and have more than 15 years of industry experience across geographies and industries.

The Deep Dive webinar series consists of 5 live weekly sessions. Each session comprises of a tutorial by some of our senior blue ocean experts, followed by a live question & answer session.

Each session is designed to be a simple, convenient and interactive way for you to deepen your understanding of blue ocean shift. Ask your questions, get answers and learn from your fellow attendees on how you can further your blue ocean journey!

By the end of Blue Ocean Deep Dive™, you will have an enriched understanding and appreciation for creating your own blue ocean moves.

This program includes a complimentary 3-month subscription to Blue Ocean Studio™ + 101 which will help you to learn the blue ocean concepts and methodologies anytime, anywhere, at your convenience. 

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Blue Ocean Deep Dive
  • 5 webinar sessions (1 hour each) over 5 weeks
  • Interactive Q&A session
  • Complimentary 3-months subscription to Blue Ocean Studio™ + 101
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