Blue Ocean Coaching™

Personal Coaching

Gain the basic skills needed to use and interpret each tool and framework to create a successful blue ocean move. Think creatively, solve a burning problem and shift your perspective to seize opportunities that you may not know existed with this one-on-one personal coaching program!

Program Structure
  • Self-paced online Blue Ocean 101™ course
  • Pre-Coaching Assignment I (Self-Refresher on the Existing Strategic Business Plan)
  • Pre-Coaching Assignment II (Self-Reflection on Existing Key Challenges)
  • Introduction to the blue ocean logic and its systematic methodology.
  • Shifting to a blue ocean perspective
  • Tuning up your Blue Ocean Studio™ tools and frameworks
  • Step 1: Get Started
  • Pioneer-Migrator-Settler Map
  • Step 2: Understand where you are
  • As-Is Strategy Canvas
  • Step 3: Imagine where you could be
  • Buyer Utility Map
  • Three Tiers of Noncustomers
  • Step 4: Find how you get there
  • Six Paths Framework
  • Four Actions Framework
  • Step 5: Make your move
  • To-Be Strategy Canvas
  • Charting your project roadmap & selecting your team members
  • Conclusion
  • Implement your blue ocean move
  • Remote assistance (optional)
  • Launching your blue ocean move
  • Conclusion

Blue Ocean Coaching™ is a personal coaching program, where you will learn to apply the blue ocean concepts, tools and frameworks, under the guidance of a blue ocean coach.

Spread over three sessions (1.5 hours each), the program will take you through the systematic 5 Steps to Making a Blue Ocean Shift process, by working on a potential blue ocean shift move of your choosing.

You will be able to work on your move using the tools and frameworks within the Blue Ocean Studio™. Our coaches will be available to you both during the sessions and outside of your sessions through the discussions and notes within the Blue Ocean Studio™.

All of our coaches have, on average, over 15 years of industry experience in using, implementing and consulting on blue ocean strategies globally.

This program is conducted virtually through the Blue Ocean Studio™. A 3-month subscription to the Blue Ocean Studio™ + 101 is included within the program.

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Blue Ocean Coaching

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  • 3 personal coaching sessions (1.5 hours each) over 2 months
  • 3-months subscription to Blue Ocean Studio™ + 101
  • 1-on-1 communication with a personal blue ocean coach
  • End of program review and report
  • Certificate of Achievement

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