Blue Ocean Bootcamp™

Onsite Training

Learn how to shift your perspective towards seizing new opportunities for breakthrough solutions with this 3-day facilitated bootcamp. The Blue Ocean Bootcamp™ is an onsite, fully facilitated and 3-day series that will guide you and your team through the Blue Ocean Studio™ and kick-start your blue ocean journey.

Program Structure
  • Module 1: Introduction to Blue Ocean Creativity
  • Module 2: Shifting to a Blue Ocean Perspective
  • Module 3: Visualizing Your Strategy Reality
  • Module 4: Discovering Hidden Pain Points
  • Application Exercise
  • Module 5: Looking Beyond Existing Demand
  • Module 6: Reconstructing Market Boundaries I
  • Module 7: Reconstructing Market Boundaries II
  • Application Exercise
  • Module 8: Developing Alternative Blue Ocean Moves
  • Module 9: Communicating Your Blue Ocean Moves
  • Module 10: Blue Ocean Creativity
  • Module 11: Blue Ocean in Action
  • Application Exercise & Project Creation
  • Blue ocean continued learning and project exercise for subsequent 88 days

Blue Ocean Bootcamp™ offers you a transformational way to learn the blue ocean concepts, methodologies, tools and frameworks through a facilitated process.

During the 3-day bootcamp , you will be guided through the online Blue Ocean Practical Introduction™ course by our experienced facilitators in a structured process and successfully complete it by the end of the 3-days. On the third day, you will be guided through your Studio to create project(s) which will prepare you and your team towards creating your own blue oceans during the subsequent 88 days using the subscription to the Blue Ocean Studio™.

All of our facilitators have many years of global experience in practicing and consulting on blue oceans worldwide.

The Blue Ocean Bootcamp™ can be a held at a suitable location of your choice for your whole team to learn.

This program includes 3-month subscriptions to the Blue Ocean Studio™ for your team.

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Blue Ocean Bootcamp
  • 3-days facilitated training
  • 3-months access to Blue Ocean Studio™
  • Certificate of Achievement for Blue Ocean Bootcamp™
  • Certification of Completion for Blue Ocean Practical Introduction™
Vietnam - July 2018
USD 299.00 per person
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Malaysia - September 2018
USD 299.00 per person
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Vietnam - November 2018
USD 299.00 per person
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