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Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship
Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship™
Venture Start-up Program

Blue Ocean Entrepreneurship™ is a collaboration between the Blue Ocean Academy™, Blue Ocean Fund™ and a select group of entrepreneur start-up programs around the world, that aims to help business ventures to create new market categories that will benefit the business community and society. This program will be available soon. Click here to read more about blue ocean entrepreneurs or contact us for more information.

Blue Ocean Community
Blue Ocean Community™
Global Network

Blue Ocean Community™ is a global network of blue ocean practitioners and alumni of the Blue Ocean Academy™. If you have successfully completed the Blue Ocean 101™ course and either Blue Ocean Coaching™ and/or Blue Ocean Explorer™, you are eligible to apply to be a member of the Blue Ocean Community™. Please contact us for more information.

Blue Ocean Studio™

Identify new demand, unlock hidden opportunities and redefine market boundaries using the blue ocean tools and frameworks in our creative workspace.

Collaborate with your team in real time, anywhere and on any project.

Create, communicate and collaborate within the studio by applying the blue ocean tools and frameworks.

Draw insights that will help you move beyond competing to create your own blue ocean of uncontested marketspace.

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